https://www.nyconthecheap.comGoogle is offering FREE classes on everything from general business skills to the specifics of learning to code, plus FREE one-to-one coaching session.

Daily classes are at the Google NYC Learning Center, on the ground floor of the company’s offices, near Twitter’s NYC offices and an Apple Retail Store, in the tech center called Chelsea.

The Google NYC Learning Center is part of the “Grow with Google” initiative, first launched in 2017, long before Amazon decided to move to NYC and then not to move to NYC.

As part of that project, Google has pledged to spend $1 billion to help people adapt to an increasingly digital world and learn new skills that may place them in suitable jobs if and when their current jobs or career is wiped out by automation.

Classes are either 60 or 90 minutes, all day starting at 9am, plus there are daily one-to-one coaching sessions of 30 minutes each.

Sessions range from online safety to making an effective presentation, designing an effective resume to job search skills and more. 

That includes special programs for kids to learn coding.

Classes and coaching fill up up quickly, so Google recommends that you check in often to sign up and reserve a space.

The class schedule lists more than a week of classes at a time, to help you find a subject and a schedule that fits your needs.

The facility occupies an 11,000 square foot space and will host three separate classrooms where community members can attend a variety of different classes, all focused on digital skills.

The Google NYC Learning Center is open only through December 31. 

Here’s hoping Google changes its mind and decides to keep it open.