Jul 202012

The dirty secret New York City sports clubs and gyms don’t like to talk about is thieves who pilfer valuables out of your gym locker while you are lifting weights, doing crunches or swimming laps. These are sophisticated thieves. They can ‘bump’ a lock, which allows them to open your locker without looking like they are breaking in, and go through your handbag, backpack or laptop bag to remove the valuables without looking like they are stealing. The most gym locker break-ins are at gyms with multiple locations, such as New York Sports Club, Crunch, Equinox and New York Health and Racquet Club, where one paid membership gives a thief unlimited access to dozens of locker rooms. But there’s a new wave of gym locker thefts in the gyms on 125th Street. According to DNAInfo, Planet Fitness is warning members about recent thefts of electronics and other valuables from lockers. Read the experience of a this New York Times reporter, whose clothes and valuables were stolen out of his locker while he was working out.

  • Protect yourself from gym locker thefts. Make sure you have a super-secure tamper-proof lock, and avoid leaving valuables like laptops, iPads, or your wallet with your driver’s license, in your locker. And keep your house keys with you when you workout, just in case you want to get home.

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